Sunday, March 14, 2010

Raptor Watch Tg Tuan light house

Again as usual not giving up, went to the light house again.
Race to the top of the hill in 10 mins to setup the
camera before the show case begins ...

Arrivals, raptors flying in from the sea from Indonesia ...
Touch down at the peninsular Tg Tuan

Some raptors circling the sky,
at one time there were more than 15 of them ...

Oriental Honey-buzzard
Pernis ptilorhyncus

Various shots of the raptor ...

Aerial display ... a pair crisscrossing in the sky

Grey-faced Buzzard
Butastur indicus

The closest encounter as one lone raptor fly by ...

One of the machine guns on the hill top.
It was BLACK vs WHITE event ... may the force be with you.

View of the lighthouse at the end facing the sea ...

Spotted an eagle's nest on the way back ... must be a local bird

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