Monday, July 26, 2010

Denizens of the forest ... part 2

Back to Gunung Tampin to discover new birds, mammals, snakes, crabs ....
The place is popular with joggers, walkers, hiking, trekking, birding, picnic, .... young and old.

As usual go off the normal tracks, bearing in mind where I put my foot ...

I remember a regular jogger to the place said ...
you like to shoot bee hives? ... nah,
you like to shoot snakes? there is 1 cobra by the road .... ahem.

Every time we met, the uncle would ask if I shot any interesting subjects.

An unidentified mammal observing from the tree top. Later identified as Black Giant Squirrel

See more images of Black Giant Squirrel from the net.

Black Giant Squirrel
Ratufa bicolor


  1. Got got, more to come, another mammal in the last post.