Thursday, February 10, 2011

Duck tales pt 4

Day 30+

Week 5, started to put them in a 6 feet diameter outdoor pen in order for them to adjust to the elements. Rain, shine, wind, dew .... aka weather proofing. I could remember their first encounter with rain, one of them sits on its backside with the head facing the sky. Real feathers already start to appear on their backs. Previously tiny wings now starts to grow tubes of feather (hollow shaft). Swimming lessons were provided by a 1.5 feet diameter tub.

Week 6, in preparing for their release in 2 weeks time, converted the backyard for them to roam and feed. That sums up to 100 square feet of area for running and exercising their wings. Now only feed them twice a day, forcing them to pick on the greens to fill their hungry stomach. The swimming pool starts to be too crowded for all the birds to go in at once.

Week 7, the larger bird now has a more complete wing with flight feathers growing out of the hollow shaft. Wing span estimated to be 2 feet across. Only 3 of them are in this advanced stage of wing growth, a large area to run and flap their wings is really vital to ensure they are physically up to the challenges they will face in the wild.