Friday, February 11, 2011

Duck tales pt 5

22 Jan 2011, (Day 60+)

Exactly 2 months after taking them in, its time to release them back into the wild.

Scouted several weeks before to find them the SANCTUARY, a suitable place for ducks to live and breed. My feeling if putting them back to the Durian Tunggal river bank area will only jeopardise the next generation of duck as the habitat is no longer suitable for water birds. Earth works along the river bank to solve the flood problems has removed and shrunk the water beds the birds need.

After a morning breakfast and quick shower for the ducks, they were in a box towards Machap Umboo water catchment area, a large area with lotus and kiambang plants for shelter and food.

Initial release, they were put immediately into the water. Just in front there were some kiambang plants, their first reaction was to dip their heads in the water to feed on the root of the plants. A positive sign.

Then the photographer goes back to work, taking pictures for remembrance with advantage of close-up without need for hide, etc. An advantage if you know your models.

Now the tale begins ..... goodbye.


  1. Very nice and touching. Glad that you are on their side. Good and well done job.