Monday, September 6, 2010

Buluh Kasap backyard birding

Some backyard birding shots .... heard a new bird call in the backyard that I couldn't resists.

A lifer shot of the huge magpie.

Black Magpie
Platysmurus leucopterus

The very common magpie looks small in comparison to the menacing black magpie.

Oriental Magpie-robin
Copsychus saularis

A typical landscape shot .... NOT. See if you can spot something in the tree.

Closer shot, can you spot it?

That is not a branch or durian. Mynas and magpies were attacking the lizard to guard their nests on the tree. The durian tree is at least 50ft high!!! enough to get out of flood waters in 2006.

A typical starling roosting place ...

A pair of starlings bath in the glowing sunset ...

Asian Glossy Starling
Aplonis panayensis

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