Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kuala Terla birding, Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands all-in-one trip yielded a lifer, turned in to Kuala Terla pump house road for a light snack (excuse for birding). Scanned the trees for mountane birds unfortunately none were seen, noticed this bird on the dead tree overlooking the road. The bird was unaware of my presence as it was busy scanning activities below. Neither my bright turquoise shirt nor the flash captured his/her attention.

Fruitful trip considering 3 encounters with broadbills, heard them but didn't get a good glimpse and shot. We even heard and spotted a BR broadbill with naked eye at 7.00pm 20m into the bush along the road towards Tanah Rata.

Imagine the speed we're travelling at to be able to do that.....

Blyth's Hawk-eagle
Spizaetus alboniger


  1. I have seen this at Bukit Tinggi, but no chance to photograph it.
    Very nice!