Friday, September 3, 2010

Kg Paya, Segamat birding

Made my way to the previous Drongo site but none of them were around. Maybe its too early at 5pm, so I decided to go into the plantation.

A few squirrels are monkeying around the rubber trees ...

Oooh, what a surprise to see a big dark object in the tree. Not forgetting its still the seventh month of chinese calendar, i decided to go for a closer look.

Closer inspection reveals a hornbill !!! Lucky me, the bird was perched very low on the tree. I quickly snap away for record shots just in case it makes a quick exit. I think the bird was taking an afternoon nap in the low branches as I could not find any fruits on the tree, the bird a bit blur blur as it allowed me to take some very good shots. Distance to the bird was less than 4m away.

This is the best shot of the bird's eye, see those eye lashes ... envy of every gal in the forest. The bird is a female Black Hornbill.

Black Hornbill
Anthracoceros malayanus

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